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Mobile App Engineer (iOS)

Mobile App Engineer (iOS)


Atlanta, GA

About This Role:

  • Develop a commercial software native mobile app offerings.

  • Participate in technical planning/architecture meetings.

  • This is a “soup to nuts” role that will include the full SDLC. Yes, that means you’ll be responsible for testing as well (Test-Driven Development/TDD). 

  • People that thrive in this shop care about their craft, are always learning new skills, and love to bring new ideas to the table.

Technical Skills:

  • Strong Swift and iOS engineering chops (it probably goes without saying, but this includes Objective-C skills).

  • Deep background using iOS SDK, Cocoa frameworks, and iOS libraries (please make sure these are highlighted on your resume).

  • Experience with consuming Web Services using REST APIs and SOAP.

  • API skills should also include experience with GraphQL.

  • Firm understanding of working with enterprise database backends. 

  • Skills related to JavaScript (including various JS frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular, but also server-side skills such as Node) are always good to highlight.

  • Strong CS chops (Computer Science degree preferred, but not required)

  • Previous commercial shop experience is ideal.

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