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About Us

How the “Pay as they Stay” concept evolved into
Placement as a Service.

STEM Search Group is founded on the belief that the only way things would ever truly change would be to blow up the traditional recruiting agency model.

We set out to develop a new offering that would better protect the interests of the two groups impacted most in any placement: the companies hiring and the people being placed.

The result is something we are calling Placement as a Service: the flexibility of contingency with elements of retained search and a SaaS-inspired pricing model.

Our Founders

Blake Coleman

Technical recruiting and executive search since 2005, sourcing fanatic, gadget geek, husband, father, lover of Disney/WDW, and avid college football fan.

“When we decided to start STEM Search Group, the ‘why’ was extremely important to me. I felt like the traditional model most recruiting firms were using was broken. It promoted transactions and put very little accountability on the recruiting firm to make a lasting placement. Clients were penalized with large, upfront fees offering minimal protection. Placement as a Service helps to restore the shared accountability, the true partnership that’s been missing.”

Penn Sanders

Technical Recruiter since 2006, decaf coffee drinker, husband, father to 4 boys, and baseball junkie.

“It sounds cliché but recruiting really is a relationship business. Unfortunately, the traditional model conditioned recruiters to be too transactional which led to the candidate being treated like a commodity. We knew there had to be a better way. Our model requires and incentivizes our team to build relationships with candidates that last much longer than 30-90 days after they start. That’s what ‘pay as they stay’ truly emphasizes, a focus on fit and a continued relationship.”

Causes We Support

We believe companies should empower their employees to support the communities where they live. That’s why a percentage of all profits are used for non-profit initiatives in those communities related to:

  • Funding for Title I schools
  • Computer Science and STEM K-12 outreach
  • Community outreach & inclusion initiatives

Join the STEM Search Group Family

Are you tired of the focus being on some arbitrary number of client meetings or daily calls/emails? Is talent acquisition thought of as a cost center in your organization? We value relationships over metrics, and believe in hiring experienced talent with a passion for helping people and technical sourcing/recruiting. Then, we give them the tools to be successful and get out of their way. Sound like you? Let's chat!